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 ✔  Do you work with women in the postnatal period who have suffered a traumatic birth or are experiencing high levels of anxiety or are even depressed?

 ✔  Or maybe you are an antenatal teacher who struggles to help mums and dads recover from previous traumatic birth experiences to be able to prepare calmly for their next birth?

 ✔  Perhaps you are a HCP who is feeling the impact of vicarious trauma, moral injury or compassion fatigue?

 ✔  Do you frequently hear distressing birth stories but feel powerless to help or support?

The quiet revolution in perinatal mental health is here


For too long we have underestimated the impact that difficult and traumatic events happening during the perinatal stage have on the emotional health and wellbeing of parents.

The cost to parents and their families is HUGE. 

What begins as a natural response to trauma can easily develop into more entrenched mental health problems which are often more difficult to treat than the initial trauma symptoms.

That is why TBR College of Perinatal Emotional Health & Wellbeing is dedicated to training as many birth professionals, pre & postnatal specialists and HCPs as possible in the therapeutic skills and techniques that can lift the symptoms of trauma safely, gently and effectively.


Sadly 30% of all parents describe their birth as traumatic.


Tragically this statistic only reflects the tip of the iceberg when it comes to perinatal trauma. 

An even greater number of parents struggle to cope with miscarriage, difficult fertility journeys, baby loss, birth injury, difficulty breastfeeding and many other traumatic challenges.

These parents have nowhere to turn for support because our healthcare system rarely recognises the importance of traumatic events on emotional health and the implications this has for their mental health. 

Unfortunately, our healthcare system rarely recognises that it the cause of much perinatal trauma.

If you want to transform your service to provide a tangible difference to the way parents feel then you are in right place.

Our courses provide the therapeutic framework, skills and knowledge for professionals to adequately and safely support parents through a range of common perinatal emotional health issues. All students are able to access the closed TBR Facebook community for support and monthly, small group supervision via Zoom.

TBR courses for Practitioners

Who am I?


My Name is Alex Heath, I am Course Director at the College of Perinatal Emotional Health, the creator and founder of the website: and author of the book: Recovering from a traumatic birth; a practical guide.

I am also a parent, Clinical Hypnotherapist and still occasionally, a birth doula. 

Since 2016 I have been training HCPs, birth professionals and pre & postnatal specialists in the therapeutic skills and techniques that can provide a brief intervention to parents struggling to cope after a traumatic perinatal event.

My mission is to put perinatal mental health on the map. For society to realise that good parenting begins with robust, resilient mental and emotional health. This can only happen when parents can access appropriate support.

Pregnancy, birth and parenthood are not merely physical events to be endured but a spiritual and emotional transition into a new territory. Far too many parents survive the journey when in fact they could be thriving.

Over 500 professionals have joined this quiet revolution in perinatal mental so far, will you join us too?

Louise Nunn
Perinatal Health Midwife
'I’ve been meaning to let you know that I've now done 4 sessions of the Rewind technique with clients, all as part of my NHS role. They'd all been referred to my clinic with birth anxiety due to a previous traumatic birth. I had met them all at least once before and offered the session to them and explained what it was, and I've followed them up by telephone afterwards. I've had some lovely feedback from the mums, which is fantastic - and I'm so relieved! I'm so excited about being a practitioner as I'm really going to be able to enhance the care and support I can offer to women and help them have a positive pregnancy and birth this time round, thank you Alex! I've got 3 more mums booked in for sessions later this month and will keep you posted how they go... '
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My Book:

'Recovering from a traumatic birth' - A practical guide

This book can help you to begin processing your feelings.

Even if you are not sure whether it was 'that bad', if it still feels bad and is showing up in you life in unhelpful ways then this book can bring some clarity to the confusion and offer support as you find your way through some of the heavy feelings that can remain after difficult or traumatic births or other perinatal experiences.

The content of this book is supported with online resources, worksheets, relaxation audios and guided visualisations all of which aim to transform the symptoms of trauma. Everyone who purchases this book is invited to join a free online Facebook community (closed group) to share their experiences and seek inspiration and support from others.


The symptoms of any perinatal trauma can be re-triggered at anytime, especially when women find themselves pregnant again. Wherever you are on your journey to recovery this book can serve as a guide to feeling free again and to help reconnect you with a more peaceful self.

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