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Have you ever dreamed of setting up your own perinatal community support service?

Community Interest Companies (CIC) are are great way to offer much needed support services to parents.

Jane Bamford, former Midwife, Director of the CIC, Taking Baby Steps, and TBR Practitioner, explains here exactly how she and another colleague did this.


How to safely support traumatised parents in your care - FREE training webinar

Tuesday 5th March 2024 7pm

If you are a professional supporting parents you will want to attend this masterclass and learn:

  • The 5 easy steps that ensure you can listen safely and effectively to parents.
  • How avoid re- traumatising parents in your care.
  • The one thing you can do now to make any perinatal service trauma informed and safe.
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Be Solution Focused

Being solution focused when supporting parents engages them with their potential for hope, healing and even growth.

A solution focused approach takes practice but this is a good place to start.

Begin with listening well, acknowledging and validating.

Use these downloadable worksheets to help you.

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Restoring Boundaries relaxation for tired professionals 

You can't pour from an empty cup. So take 15 minutes for yourself and listen to this restorative relaxation that seeks to strengthen boundaries.

Relaxation and mindfulness are core practices that inform many of the courses we offer at TBR College.

Do not listen to when driving.

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Understanding the neurobiology of birth trauma

This visual guide can be useful in understanding why traumatic memories become 'stuck' on loop.

Once we appreciate this phenomenon we can understand why treatments like Rewind bring relief as they break the neural pathways holding the pattern in place.

Parents can appreciate this understanding and it can form part of their recovery.

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