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Tara Whelan

Resilient Emotions


I have completed all of Alex's classes so far.

Learning with Traumatic Birth Recovery fits into my family life so well, I can study in the evenings after work with live evening online classes.

Alex is always so supportive as are all her tutors in the supervision classes, everything is so comprehensive and simplified with easy lifelong access which I find great for dipping in and out of.

I totally can vouch for Traumatic Birth Recovery and all its modules plus Alex's authentic supportive teaching.

Hannah Gerkan
Midwife and Owner of Reframing Birth 

'Debrief: People always want to talk about their birth experience and rightly so, but it always bothered me that I may not provide the relief they need during this discussion. This course has taught me to thoroughly listen, without thinking about what to say next.

Most people just want to feel heard and validated, they don't need solutions and I have now supported many people using Alex's trusted technique with great success. We all think we are good listeners, but I certainly question whether I was truly hearing people before taking this course.' 

Anna Nella

‘I have finally completed 'Bring Relief with your Debrief'.
I really enjoyed it and I think it will be so beneficial to my practice in general. I'm now a
Specialist Bereavement Midwife at GSTT.

I would love to implement it into my work in PAL in the future but really appreciate all your hard work, explanations and the interview and one week progress report. Very powerful.

Thank you for both these courses Alex!’ 

Lucy Trend

‘I attended this course with Alex in Glasgow in December 2017 mostly out of curiosity, and it has turned out to be a wonderful skill to have to help my clients. Women report impressive reductions in levels of distress, surprisingly so as this is such a simple technique. I am a doula and shiatsu therapist specialising in pregnancy and childbirth and I frequently come across clients pregnant with their second child wishing to avoid the traumatic experiences of their first birth. I am so glad I have this fantastic skill to offer them to complement my other skills.’

Shirley Stump,

‘I cannot tell you how much the training has impacted the support I offer women. I have now used the technique with so many couples, men as well as women and every time I am blown away, it so simple yet so effective.

The training was brilliant, I enjoyed every day and found it so engaging and interesting. Its not that often you attend training where you see the result as you are learning. I can not believe how many women I meet who carry trauma with them and to be able to offer this service feels like I can really support them on a deeper level. I honestly feel every birth practitioner should be doing your training. Thank you for all you do and for your ongoing support - which I found priceless at the beginning of my journey’ 

Lisa Thompson
Registered Midwife


‘I completed the Three Steps Rewind course with Alex last year and found it very comprehensive. I've since used the technique very effectively and love how much difference it can make in a short space of time. It's a tool I very much wish we didn't need but at the same time I'm grateful to have it available for those affected by birth trauma.’

TBR courses for Professionals

Jodie Lovie

Fertility Health Coach

Since starting TBR 3 step rewind course it has been one of the most challenging times I’ve experienced not because it’s not aligned the complete opposite.


I am one of those ladies, mums who lived through a Traumatic Birth Experience and loss.

Not only has Traumatic Birth Recovery supportive website, fb page and Alex’s book on a guide to recovering from it, it’s helped me to get a clearer understanding of how it has affected my health and life in all areas, I seriously thought I was never going to get relief or understanding of what was happening to me no matter how hard I tried to help myself nothing was aligning until I seen Alex’s information and followed her for a while I didn’t feel I fitted in because I’m a Fertility Health Coach but I was so wrong because my deep research into my life led me to Alex’s work.


Deep down I wasn’t sure if I was ready to go to my emotional pain. The course has really supported me in understanding so much about my journey and it’s still unfolding because the information on the course I can really deeply connect with it’s like the missing piece to my jigsaw puzzle has been found.

I think the Step 1 of rewind of telling her story is an amazing tool to hold space for that length of time it is so powerful to be heard as I know our stories are never really heard from an emotional perspective it gives a woman the release she has been waiting for without trying to fix her and I love how it’s a safe calm intuitive guided therapy that allows you to have the choice to heal the damage that was done through living with the symptoms actually having that choice is freeing and will save life’s.

I’m seeing changes in myself since this course and can’t wait to do further study with Alex. Im looking forward and can’t wait to use the TBR - 3 Step Rewind in my Business too and gain more understanding so I can be able to support my community who are actually a population that are forgotten due to the conventional system they just don’t fit in and it’s more of a specialised field.

Alex’s research and work is amazing and how she applies it to her courses it is very detailed and well thought through and simple to follow and I’m so grateful that women don’t have to live imprisoned because these traumatic experiences through your passion, compassion and commitment to this specialised area.

Recipients of TBR support


‘Thank you so so so much for teaching your amazing technique to other professionals. I can not tell you with words how our three sessions have changed my life! Xxx’


39 weeks pregnant

'I am amazed that after all the many sessions of CBT and psychotherapy that this was so impactful. after just one 90 minutes session!' 

Seema Barua

I have had REWIND twice with Alex. both times its been instantly life changing.

more realizations then what I thought came up, lots of ah ha moments, a change in my relationship with myself and partner, with my head clearer, emotions less intense, negativity shifted and more clarity in my mind.

The 2 main events that Alex worked with are simply just a memory. I just dont feel anything towards them anymore. it's just incredible.

Alex is present, loving, understanding and just totally "gets you". she is a beautiful woman.

Highly recommend. if you are thinking about working with Alex don't look back. it's the most loving decision you can make not just for you but your family as well.


(after one listening session)

It was an amazing experience, shockingly fast and hectic in the moment, but very peaceful and calm directly afterwards. The polar opposite to my last birth! 

I wanted to let you know that news, but more importantly wanted to say how much I have used, enjoyed and benefitted from your relaxation script. I listened to it every day - sometimes twice a day - when I went to bed for a nap or for the night. And also a few times when I had insomnia in the night. 

I found it really relaxing (sometimes not making it to the end if I'm honest) and put some good peaceful sleeps down to listening to it before I drifted off.  It helped me to feel more confident about making my own decisions and about communicating with those who were advising me to take a different action.  Although that still doesn't come naturally!!

So I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you very much for the part you played in supporting me to achieve the peaceful, undisturbed birth that I was hoping for but didn't necessarily dare dream would be possible. Thank you!

 Sarah Kelly


‘What an excellent course. Validating all that I thought was correct and supporting the idea that any listening or debrief service is so valuable to women and professionals. There are so many lessons to be learnt not only from the course but in the way we listen to women and their families about how they have been traumatised (often by the very actions of the people supposed to be caring or advocating for them).’ 

Wendy Proctor


‘I love this, as a midwife and hypnobirthing teacher you have enabled me to really help women who have experienced a difficult birth. I also found the relaxing script excellent and when using on myself I was so wonderfully relaxed and really helped me cope with the blame I put on myself for my mother death many years ago.  I know deep down that I couldn't have changed the outcome but have know accepted it and feel wonderful, I'm so grateful it was worth the £££ just for that!’

Cyd Lee

‘I'm so glad I was recommended this course as I felt there was a real need to go deeper into this side of my work as a doula. I feel so much better equipped to help women through this very delicate subject and will use this technique with confidence now.

The content of the course is thorough and complete, giving you all the resources and support you need. Many thanks from all the future Mamas that will benefit from this work!

Empowering indeed!’ 

‘Informative, Comprehensive, Great mix of theory & practice options.’ 

Louise Macpherson


‘This is a fabulous course; I thoroughly enjoyed the videos and coursework. I felt so confident after completing the course and Alex really helped guide me through the process.’ 

Jade Gordon


‘I completed Alex's traumatic birth recovery course and found it really useful. The technique changes lives and I'm so glad I get to help women overcome their trauma.’ 

Jenny Hassett

Wendy Wood


‘I am a Former Midwife and have had my own Birth Biz for 6 years, teaching Hypnobirthing and working as a Doula.  In all of these roles I have more times than I care to remember looked after/taught women and their partners who have have experienced trauma in birth.  Birth trauma sadly is something that historically is often underplayed, ignored, glossed over.

The attitude 'Just be thankful that your baby is alive'! Whilst of course any parents would be beyond grateful for a well baby we must stop implying that women and their birth partners don't matter. A healthy baby + an emotionally traumatised mama is not what we should be accepting.  Working on reducing the likelihood of birth trauma is something that I very much do in my Hypnobirthing & Doula roles but I needed something else, a technique, skill that could help me to assist those who sadly have already experienced trauma and are living with the effects every day!

That is where I began to follow the very awesome Alex Heath and the inspiring work she is doing to support women and couples who have experienced birth trauma. Ideally I was hoping to do the face to face course but time and circumstances wouldn't allow, so I chose to do the online course, I have to admit I was a bit concerned that I would 'miss out' a bit or not feel as connected to the support available. I was wrong!

The online course was fantastic, the video's Alex included and the written material were wonderful and kept me engaged, I literally couldn't put it down! So this is now another element to my Birth work, offering the amazing 3 Step Rewind Technique. I had may first client earlier this month, I have to admit I felt pressured, this lovely lady was extremely traumatised, I couldn't get my head around how such a simple to do technique delivered in just two sessions could make such a huge difference. It literally was like waving a magic wand, the change in the lady was tangible!  Something lifted and released and it was beyond wonderful to be a part of.  

I have already received so much interest in the sessions and feel privileged to be able to offer this amazing technique x The support I have received from Alex herself and the online community has been wonderful, you feel very supported. I really can't thanks Alex enough, this course and technique are game changers for me, women, partners, babies and I am so pleased to be a part of it x.’ 

Jane Allen 

Midwife, Owner of Happy Moma 


 'I had the privilege of training in TBR 3 Step Rewind with Alex 4 years ago. 
Having trained as a hypnobirthing teacher the year before it seemed like a natural fit.

Rewind has been totally transformative in my life and is where I feel my life’s true calling - to work with not only mums & partners but also midwives who may have been traumatised by a birth that they have been involved in.
The difference that is achievable in the relief of the symptoms of a traumatic birth experience in such a short intervention is incredible.

I have spent shielding/lockdown completing the other courses the Alex is now offering and they have widened and broadened the depth in the areas of baby loss, perinatal anxiety and depression. I can’t wait for further courses to offer support to more women.' 

Hanna Holcroft

'I have worked with a few clients now! I had real faith that it was going to be a wonderful tool to work with but to be honest it's incredible... The difference I'm seeing in people is extraordinary!!!' 

Michala Marling

‘Im just working through the TBR 3 step rewind online course and am so full of emotion, in a good way.' 

Hannah Gerken

Midwife and Owner of Reframing Birth


Supporting Baby Loss and Miscarriage:

'when I trained as a midwife, the education surrounding baby loss was quite minimal and certainly how to approach care and support families effectively was barely discussed. This course has given me the confidence to provide a sensitive yet professional method to support families through their experience and the emotions that come with it, at the time and in the following months and years.


Understanding Perinatal Depression:

This course has taught me about the self compassionate approach and truly how to support people to be kind to themselves. Having a baby is such a difficult time in itself, amongst all the new experiences, it can be hard to cut yourself some slack.

I learnt so much from this course, from statistics to science and practical methods of supporting new parents. The technique has so far been very successful and I also enjoyed the assessment process to consolidate learning and ensure I am on the right track.


Understanding Perinatal Anxiety:

I find anxiety one of the more complex and tricky conditions to support people through but having the guidance of this course has made it so much easier. Understanding what anxiety actually is really helps parents to consider what is going on in their body and mind and how it can be quietened down.

Being able to use the practical methods included in this course to support expectant and new parents has been revolutionary to my services and I feel so much more confident to recognise the signs that someone may be experiencing anxiety.


TBR 3 Step Rewind: 

After completing the other TBR courses, there was a little bit missing and I knew I had to take part in the 3 step rewind course to make my services well rounded. Being able to recognise the signs that someone may be experiencing perinatal trauma and having an effective way of reducing and resolving it has provided me with so much confidence in the services that I offer.

The course is easy to understand and navigate, uses a range of presentations, videos, images and the support available in the Facebook group and via the TBR team is like nothing else. I can't wait to provide this as part of my birth business and hopefully in the future use as part of role as a midwife.' 

I have absolutely loved doing the TBR 3-Step Rewind. The whole course is laid out in a very comprehensive manner. What's more, anytime I've needed any assistance, Alex has been at the end of an email ready to help and give sound advice. I would highly recommend training with Alex and am already looking at which of her courses I would like to sign up for next.  

Lorraine Lorenzo



I cannot emphasize enough the quality of the courses offered by Traumatic Birth Recovery. I like each and every one of them. They have given me concrete assets, which have greatly enriched my practice. 

I really enjoy practicing TBR-3 steps rewind and witnessing the effectiveness in the lives of the mothers I work with. This work contributes to the emergence of a new paradigm in families well-being and mental health. I also appreciate the community of students and practitioners that we train and the exemplary availability of Alexandra to support us in this work. Grateful to be part of it!

Johanna Armnius