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The path to parenthood is very often a rocky and challenging one. Difficult fertility journeys, recurrent miscarriage, loss, premature birth, birth trauma and injury, difficulty feeding and sleeping are some of the very common troubles that parents encounter along their way.

However there is very little appreciation from the medical or maternity community of the devastating impact that these events can have on a person's mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

Between 10 and 30% of women experience postnatal depression in their first year, yet less than half seek support. Over half of this number are still experiencing depression after their postpartum year.*

A survey carried out by leading baby loss charity SANDS in 2019 found that 60% of bereaved parents felt they needed specialist support after their baby died, but were not able to access it on the NHS." **

For those parents who have experienced premature birth and NICU stays 16% experience PTSD symptoms afterwards according to a 2018 survey by the charity Bliss, yet 45% said they had no access to specialist support afterwards.***

Additionally many of these issues are taboo in modern western society which adds to peoples experience of isolation, shame and loss of hope.

For parents experiencing these issues there is very little specialist support available from professionals who understand the nuances and challenges that arise for perinatal mental and emotional health. Yet there is a huge desire and need from parents to be well at this time.

This is why TBR College of Perinatal Emotional Health is passionate about sharing knowledge, skills and therapeutic frameworks with birth professionals who are already perfectly placed to offer support to parents who are suffering.

** BLAW Out of Sight report
*** Bliss Charity research 2018


I believe we are now entering a new age of understanding about our emotional health and wellbeing and that a new generation of parents are more articulate about their feelings than ever before. 

Additionally medical communities are also beginning to appreciate the importance of the mind body connection. Western medicine is waking up to the fact that poor mental health long term does indeed have an impact on physical health and to separate the two when thinking about holistic health is a mistake. 

The health of parents is vital if they are to be expected to nurture the next generation of society well. To overlook the importance of good, optimum health at this life stage is robbing the next generation of the opportunity to experience good health and wellbeing too.

All of our courses are CPD recognised, include free monthly small group supervision and membership to a closed community of professionals practicing with these skills, techniques and knowledge.

Proud training provider to:

TBR Three Step Rewind 

Online Course

Date: Opens March 2021.  More information

Bring Relief with your Debrief

Online Course

Date: Open for Enrolment Now!  More information

Supporting Baby loss and Miscarriage

Online Course

Date: Open for Enrolment Now!  More information

Understanding Perinatal Depression

Online Course

Date: Opens January 2021. More information


Understanding Perinatal Anxiety 

Online Course

Date: Opens June 2021.  More information

Certificate in Perinatal Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Online and In-person (London)

Date: Opens soon! December 2020.  More information

Upcoming Courses

*New for 2021!*

Supporting Recovery from Birth Injury - Online Course

Date: Opens April 2021.  More information

*New for 2021*

Supporting BIPOC parents through the perinatal stage

Date: Opens July 2021.  More information

Supporting Survivors of Abuse Perinatally

Date: Opens May 2021.  More information

Understanding and Supporting IVF and Fertility Journeys

Date: Opens February 2021.  More information

*New for 2021*

Practical skills in Hypnosis, Mindfulness and Meditation for the perinatal period

Dates: Opens October 2021.  More information

All of TBR college courses come with:

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Monthly small group supervision

Small group supervision is available for all students and practitioners with Traumatic Birth Recovery.

These online sessions are held once a month and aim to support reflective practice and continued learning and development. All sessions are a non refundable £10.

Access to our closed community

Our Facebook group is a safe supportive place to ask questions and share experiences with other students.

* New Live Courses Delivered via Zoom *

Commit and find accountability by learning live via Zoom

Have the opportunity to practice the skills, exercises and framework with other students in breakout rooms

TBR 3 Step Rewind, Supporting Baby Loss & Miscarriage and Understanding & Supporting Perinatal Anxiety all include online versions of the course with every place booked.

TBR 3 Step Rewind

2 day live course delivered via Zoom

Also includes life time access to the online version of the course too.

OCN accredited.

View available dates here
Trauma Informed Listening Skills for Perinatal Professionals
1 day live course delivered via Zoom

Includes certificate of attendance and recording of the day.

Includes pdfs from the course presentation.

View available dates here

Supporting Baby Loss & Miscarriage

1 day live course delivered via Zoom

Also includes life time access to the online version of the course too.

OCN accredited.

View available dates here

Understanding Perinatal Anxiety

2 day live course  delivered via Zoom

Also includes life time access to the online version of the course too.

OCN accredited.

View available dates here

 * TBR Certificate in Perinatal Emotional Health & Wellbeing *

Find out more here....

18 month long Practitioner course

Online and in person training

Monthly tutorials via Zoom

Accredited by Ofqual regulated body OCN West Midlands

10 modules including:

  • TBR 3 Step Rewind
  • Bring Relief With Your Debrief
  • Understanding & Supporting Perinatal Anxiety
  • Understanding & Supporting Perinatal Depression
  • Supporting Baby Loss & Miscarriage
  • Supporting Recovery from Birth Injury
  • Practical Skill in Hypnosis Meditation & Mindfulness for the Perinatal Period
  • Understanding & Supporting Fertility & IVF Journeys
  • Racism, Bias & Prejudice in the Birth World 
  • Supporting Survivors of CSA through the Perinatal Period


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