Hypnobirthing Teacher Training

2 courses in 1 - online self study + in person training on Zoom

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Are you ready to become a  Hypnobirthing Antenatal teacher?

Learn the powerful techniques and skills that can prepare parents for an empowered birthing experience.

Studies show its effectiveness. A 2006 study concludes that hypnobirthing*:

  • reduces the need for pharmacological analgesia
  • reduces induction and augmentation rates of labour
  • reduces the duration of labour
  • increases the incidence of spontaneous vaginal births
  • is associated with improved maternal well-being and satisfaction
  • is beneficial for neonatal outcomes

* From the book 'Why Hypnobirthing Matters' by Katrina Berry

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Meet the trainer and creator of this course:

❤️  I am Nuria Pozas and I am a Doula and perinatal educator, specialising in trauma and anxiety. 

🧡 I am also the author of the hypnobirthing book in Spanish "Parir en calma".

💛 I live in the UK, where I have done all my training and work face-to-face with women, families and perinatal professionals.

💚  Since 2014, I have been accompanying women and families through the different stages of motherhood. I discovered my passion for perinatal accompaniment after the birth of my son, when I became aware of the lack of support, negative beliefs and contradictions that women and families face.

💙  When my son was just six months old, I decided to attend Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers' doula training, an incredible training that opened the doors to this journey for me. Since then, I have not stopped training, as I like to share, to be enriched by other perspectives and to learn new tools and skills.

💜 I discovered hypnobirthing through the women I accompanied, and I was able to observe how these tools worked in practice and at the moment of labour and birth.

🖤I found it fascinating. But, I also observed some limitations, especially when these tools were given as a method or a step-by-step that women had to follow. It became an extra task, with the added fear of not knowing how to do it, not knowing how to put those tools into practice.

🤍 So I decided to train, not once, but three times, with different hypnobirthing practitioners!

🤎 That is why the training I offer is not a method that applies equally to all women, but a deep understanding of the tools, so that they can be transmitted and facilitated in the way that works for each woman.

What's my return on investment with this course?


Whether you want to create a new business offering Hypnobirthing Antenatal classes, or if you want to add this service to an existing birth service, this course can quickly pay for itself after 2 or 3 private paying clients or one full group.

Hypnobirthing Antenatal classes typically cost between £250 (for a group course) per couple, or £500 + per couple, for a private 1-2-1 course.

Teaching Hypnobirthing antenatal courses is a wonderful way to support parents as the navigate the unpredictable and new territory of birth.

This course is unique because it acknowledges not only the fear that many bring to their birth but also other perinatal traumas that might be effecting their wellbeing (difficult fertility journeys, previous miscarriage, previous birth trauma, hyperemesis gravidarum for example).


Step 1 - review the online content

8 online modules that guide you through the process of hypnosis for birth.

Lifetime access to the online resources supports your confidence as your practice grows.

On enrolling students receive a welcome pack that give access to the online portal.


Step 2 - attend the live practice sessions

These happen online over Zoom and allow students to practice the techniques, skills and framework in pairs.

These are scheduled for:

  • 20th & 21st January weekend
  • 3rd & 4th February weekend

Each day 10am - 3.00pm over Zoom.

Step 3 - complete the assessments

The assessment process is designed to increase your confidence and ensure your are ready to practice.

There are 2 assessments to complete:

  • marketing materials
  • case study

On completion of the assessments you will be able to be listed on the website directory for parents.

Step 4- receive support as you grow your business

Join our closed Facebook groups and access monthly small group supervision.

Attend regular workshops on business, marketing, and messaging that support you as you grow your business.


Enrol today for a HUGE 40% discount!

⏰ Offer ends 31st December 2023 ⏰

Offer a new service for your community of expectant parents in 2024 

Pay Once

£720 until 31st December

Usually £1200

  • Includes lifetime access to online resources and materials
  • Next live study days scheduled for:
    • 20th & 21st January weekend
    • 3rd & 4th February weekend

    Each day 10am - 3.00pm over Zoom.



Spread the cost of 3 months

£258 x 3 until December 31st

Usually £400

  • Includes lifetime access to online resources and materials
  • Next live study days scheduled for:
    • 20th & 21st January weekend
    • 3rd & 4th February weekend

    Each day 10am - 3.00pm over Zoom.



What do others who have trained with Nuria say?

Very complete and practical training. I have learnt very useful tools to accompany women and their families in their pregnancy. You also learn how to put it into practice. Nuria is a great trainer and is always available to clarify doubts and help. Totally recommended! 

Itziar, Doula

This training has encouraged me a lot, it has helped me to consolidate my knowledge and to have tools to accompany women in their processes. I am happy to have found it and I am ready to put into practice what I have learned! Thank you!


Eli, Perinatal Psychologist

I recommend this training 100%. The content is very complete, Nuria explains it wonderfully in class and transmits everything with calm and peace. She also gives you personal support when you need it, if you have doubts or questions she usually answers them the same day. She is a fantastic person. What I liked the most is that, the close relationship. I think this is very important in a hypnobirthing training. Don't even think about it for a minute! This is the best hypnobirthing training for professionals 

Lisa, Doula

I recommend Nuria 100%. She is a great professional, approachable and always available to answer questions. During the course she not only teaches hypnobirthing techniques, but also shows you how you can adapt them to your way of working. In addition to all this, she gives you access to a tribe of professionals where you can share difficulties, achievements, knowledge...


Marta, Perinatal Psychologist

Course content includes:

Why did I create this course?

I trained as a doula with Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers for one reason, and that was to put birth back in its place and to accompany women and birthing people (not help, support, or teach, but accompany) to shed everything that didn't serve them, allowing them to embrace the process and immerse themselves in ‘planet birth’.

I often see hypnobirthing being marketed as a method, as a step-by-step process that will guarantee a specific type of birth; a birth preparation that seems to add an 'extra learning' to do. What I firmly believe is this is what women and birthing people, need to 'unlearn'. Obviously, getting informed and educated, is crucial, but the hypnobirthing techniques and tools can be used as a way of helping women and birthing people to go within, truly switch off the neocortex, trust their instincts and let the birth unfold as it needs, with trust, confidence, and calmness.

Having trained not once, but up to three times (with different 'schools'), I realised the way the teacher training is developed is quite superficial, without a deep understanding of the foundations of the tools used. Having trained with TBR College, learning about trauma and how to use hypnosis, relaxation and mindfulness for the perinatal period, I felt better positioned to go deeper with the hypnobirthing tools and use them exactly as the women and families I was accompanying needed them.

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