Supporting Baby Loss and Miscarriage

1 Day Course

Live via Zoom

17th October 2022

Why are these essential skills for all perinatal professionals?

  • Baby loss and miscarriage are unfortunately common perinatal traumas.
  • One in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage and 14 babies die every day before, during or in the weeks after birth.
  • Perinatal grief and trauma can heavily impact on parents mental and emotional health and without proper support their ability to cope too.
  • Whilst grief is a natural expression after this kind of devastating loss the trauma experienced can be more lasting and can make grief complicated long term.
  • Those experiencing early or recurrent miscarriage are usually not offered any professional, emotional support.
  • For those experiencing baby loss, although there are good peer support groups established through charities like SANDS there is no consistent, nationwide availability of specialist, perinatal grief and trauma therapy


This is the right course for you if:

  • You already support parents who are grieving the death of their baby or struggling to cope after miscarriage.
  • You support parents during their Rainbow pregnancies who are fraught with anxiety, panic and trauma symptoms
  • You support parents who have experienced recurrent miscarriages as part of their fertility journey
  • You worry about their emotional health and wellbeing
  • You feel frustrated that they are very few dedicated, specialist services for grieving parents
  • You have noticed the high levels of anxiety and trauma symptoms in parents who are impacted by loss and want to be part of the solution

Your questions answered:

Who is this course for: HCP, pre & postnatal specialists and birth professionals who support parents  after the loss of a baby or miscarriage.

Aims & Objectives: To learn how our own experience, biases and prejudices can influence the  support we provide to parents. To learn how parents need for support changes at different stages of their grief journey and how to adapt our service to acknowledge these changes. To understand how grief and trauma overlap but also the nuances of this type of trauma and the long term impact it can have on mental health.

How long is the live Zoom course?  1 day from 9.30am - 4.30pm.

What's covered? it is a very practical day which is supported by the online course that is included in this live training. With two different exercises practiced in pairs, in breakout rooms on Zoom.

Cost? £349 (VAT inc) This course all includes the online version of the course, to which you will have life time access to.

What you will learn with this course:

Give you confidence in your service and avoid making the mistakes that alienate many traumatised, bereaved parents who unfortunately often feel let down by friends, family and professionals when seeking support.

Learn how our own experience, biases and prejudices can slip us up when it comes to supporting loss and grief.

Gain a valuable insight into what bereaved parents want and need at different stages of their grief journey because grief changes as time goes on.

Learn practical exercises that can help parents cope with trauma symptoms and with panic and anxiety.

Learn from video case studies included in the online course that demonstrate the core skills required to hold space for parents who are grieving. 

Feel supported in a closed online community who are all learning, honing and practicing the skills.

Work safely with access to free, small group supervision every month.

The course also covers a thorough approach to supporting subsequent pregnancy after loss with an acknowledgement of the naturally high levels of anxiety and  distress experienced by these parents.

Monday 17th October 2022 

Enrol now for £349 (inc VAT)

"I've really enjoyed your course Alex! What amazing women to have shared their ongoing experiences of loss. Thank you so much for the opportunity to do it. It’s going to be so helpful in my work. I really look forward to being able to share experiences with others who also complete the course. Thank you again, it's so, so valuable"

Anna  Nella

Bereavement Midwife

Key benefits from this course

✔️  feel confident when supporting grieving parents at any stage of their journey.

✔️  be able to recognise trauma symptoms and refer on for appropriate trauma informed support when necessary.

✔️  be able to share a grounding technique with very anxious parents.

✔️ be able to tailor antenatal education to be sensitive to the specialist needs of rainbow parents.

"I’m not sure how I would have got through the trauma of last year without you! "

Leila, video case study featured in the online course.


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