Bring Relief with your Debrief

online self study + live training on Zoom (Trauma Informed Listening for Perinatal Professionals)

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Transform your listening service to bring real relief to traumatised parents


Would you like to:

☛  Make any listening, debriefing or consulting service a valuable, satisfying opportunity for recovery from trauma

☛  Learn a tried and tested process for hearing birth stories in a way that can guide a person towards their own capacity to heal?

☛  Know how to avoid re-traumatising, re-triggering and gas lighting during listening services?

☛  Have ability and skill to make debriefs the starting point for growth, understanding and healing?

☛  Learn at your own pace with a course that represents 6 hours of CPD.

☛ Have an opportunity to practice the key skills at one of our live training days.

Let's make EVERY listening session, debrief or consultation a HEALING one.

☆  This course has been created for all birth professionals, pre & postnatal specialists and HCP who regularly hear difficult stories and want to do more.

☆  Learn the framework for safe listening that I have been teaching to over 500 professionals since 2016.

☆  Be that professional who is remembered for making a tangible difference when they listened in a way that promotes recovery.

☆ Be able to offer, with confidence, a listening service that is a valuable initiation to healing.

Have you ever?

♀  Wished you could do more to support parents who are clearly still impacted by their difficult or traumatic birth experience?

♀  Worried about their emotional and physical health and wellbeing but feel powerless to make a difference?

♀  Felt concerned that the trauma symptoms that they are experiencing a barrier to the other service that you wish to deliver?

♀  Felt frustrated that there are few adequately trained perinatal emotional health specialists to refer clients onto?


What if you became that professional?

What if you had the confidence to offer a valued service to the 1000s of parents who want to talk about what happened because they instinctively know that it is the first step to feeling differently? 
What if these skills were able to positively inform your entire birth or pre & postnatal service, giving you the reputation as a professional who can make a difference to traumatised parents.

What's my return on investment with this course?

This course offers fantastic value by providing life time access to the online course Bring Relief With Your Debrief.
These skills and techniques are priceless and will enhance anyone's professional service working in the perinatal field.
There is a real desire from parents to access more listening services more easily.
Sadly Covid19 has seen more distressed, traumatised parents and HCP all of whom could do with being heard in a way which brings relief.

Monthly supervision

Small group supervision is available for all students and practitioners with Traumatic Birth Recovery (£10 per session)

These online sessions are held once a month and aim to support reflective practice and continued learning and development.

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What students say about this course:

'Debrief: people always want to talk about their birth experience and rightly so, but it always bothered me that I may not provide the relief they need during this discussion.

This course has taught me to thoroughly listen, without thinking about what to say next. Most people just want to feel heard and validated, they don't need solutions and I have now supported many people using Alex's trusted technique with great success.

We all think we are good listeners, but I certainly question whether I was truly hearing people before taking this course.' 


Hannah Gerkan

Midwife and Owner of Reframing Birth 


‘I have finally completed Bring Relief with your Debrief.

I really enjoyed it and I think it will be so beneficial to my practice in general. I'm now a Specialist Bereavement Midwife at GSTT.

I would love to implement it into my work in PAL in the future but really appreciate all your hard work, explanations and the interview and one week progress report. Very powerful.

Thank you for both these courses Alex!’ 

Anna Nella


"What an excellent course. Validating all that I thought was correct and supporting the idea that any listening or debrief service is so valuable to women and professionals. There are so many lessons to be learnt not only from the course, but in the way we listen to women and their families about how they have been traumatised (often by the very actions of the people supposed to be caring or advocating for them)

Sarah Kelly

‘I have found the training to be very useful in my work as a midwife. I have used it to help colleagues with the effects of vicarious trauma. I have completed several forms of therapy training and felt that with Alex the value was very high. Ongoing support and supervision is excellent. She has created a community.’ 

Jillian Ireland

PMA Midwife

Enrol today - next live training day 11th September 2023 + life time access to the online course

One low payment


2 course in 1


  • Lifetime access to the online course Bring Relief With Your Debrief
  • Invitation to join the closed facebook group community of TBR practitioners and students 
  • Mentored assessment process
  • Regular monthly supervision in small groups
  • Opportunity to attend the live training over Zoom (Trauma Informed Listening for Perinatal Professionals)
  • Last live training for 2024: Friday 11th October

Payment plan available

£110 x 3

2 course in 1


  • Lifetime access to the online course Bring Relief With Your Debrief
  • Invitation to join the closed facebook group community of TBR practitioners and students 
  • Mentored assessment process
  • Regular monthly supervision in small groups
  • Opportunity to attend the live training over Zoom (Trauma Informed Listening for Perinatal Professionals)
  • Last live training for 2024: Friday 11th October

What parents who are supported with these skills say:

Gemma's Story:

"I feel lighter, my mood has lifted. The heaviness from my chest has gone. I feel like I have got a lot off my mind"


‘So I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you very much for the part you played in supporting me to achieve the peaceful, undisturbed birth that I was hoping for but didn't necessarily dare dream would be possible. Thank you!"

Lisa, 39 weeks pregnant:

'I am amazed that after all the many sessions of CBT and psychotherapy that this was so impactful after just one session!'

Course content includes:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Bring relief with your debrief is an accredited course.

All of TBR courses are registered and accredited with AIM, an Ofqual regulated body.


Why did I create this course?

I started surveying parents about their debriefing experiences around a year ago because, as a therapist working with traumatised parents I often heard that they had under gone a debrief with their HCP  and that very often it had been a re-traumatising process that had brought more grief, upset and anxiety.

I was curious to know why parents request a debrief, what their expectation of such a session is. Indeed I often asked the parents who described their woeful experience why they were seeking a debrief and very often they replied that it had been suggested by a friend, loved one or even a GP.

Sometimes the debrief happened with no warning as part of a VBAC or birth choices clinic or consultant appointment. Often these impromptu discussions about what had happened last time were so re-triggering they left the woman speechless with anger, distress and anxiety about their impending subsequent birth.

One woman responding to the survey commented  ‘I did not even get told the appointment was for a debrief. I thought it was review of my injuries. The experience was almost as horrific as the actual labour and birth trauma. I later found out have PTSD. Which explains the hysterical, rocking, crying, flashbacks and panic during him talking. The ‘debrief’ made everything worse’

I had lots of anecdotal accounts of maternity debriefs, some requested, some unplanned and I was interested to know if this was just the experience of parents that I was supporting or if it was reflective of what parents seeking a debrief generally experience.

I learnt that many parents want to talk about their experiences as a way of beginning to understand their feelings around what happened. Many see it as the first stage of recovery. However there simply are not enough adequately trained professionals who understand the nuances of perinatal trauma and the parenting life stage to be able to meet the demand of parents seeking this service.

I have trained over 500 professionals in these skills since 2016 A debrief should be the beginning of a persons healing journey NOT another source of trauma. Join the professionals who all know how to bring relief with their debrief today.