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3 courses in 1 - online self study + in person training on Zoom + monthly mentoring calls for the first year 

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Are you ready to become a Birth or Postnatal Doula?


Do you want to develop a deep knowledge of physiological birth, and the needs of newborns and their parents?

Do you want to know how to help expectant parents gain confidence in making the decisions about childbirth, feeding and early parenthood?

Do you want support parents intuition so they can feel EMPOWERED?


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Meet the trainer and creator of this course:

❤️  I’m Mel, founder of All Things Birth & Beyond. I am a birth and postnatal specialist.

🧡 I’m a mum of two, Doula UK full-spectrum Doula, BFI accredited BFC, Holistic Sleep Coach (Dip), Advanced Birth & Beyond Practitioner (BA. Hons, UofW), Reiki Master, trauma-informed Birth & Matrescence Coach

💛 I live in York, in the UK, but originally I am from South Africa.

💚  Since 2013, I have been helping pregnant women and mothers transition through their new, and ever changing roles, so that they feel fully supported and empowered in their monumental transformation that is motherhood.

💙  I strongly believe that every woman should have the information, and be supported in their decisions, to experience birth and motherhood in a way that they choose.

💜 I realised through my own experiences as a working doula that my own doula training did not fully prepare me for supporting parents through the modern maternity system.

🖤 Specifically I felt unprepared for some of the more challenging situations that are common to doula practice.

🤍 I also learnt by hard work how to build a sustainable business.

🤎 It is my desire to support you to become a confident and passionate doula with a viable perinatal business.

What's my return on investment with this course?

Birth doulas in the UK currently charge anywhere from between £1000 to £2000 for their packages depending on experience and area.

Postnatal doulas charge anywhere from £10 to £35 per hour, again depending on area and experience.

On choosing a doula training course you really want to consider the ongoing support, mentorship and community available to you as you set up your business, work with your first few clients, and grow and develop your practice.

This course offers great value because it will positively encourage and support you to practice and beyond as you learn, develop and grow your business.

On going support is available as you set your service up and as you work with your first few clients.

The mentorship that is part of this course is what makes it unique.

As a TBR student and doula you will have access to our fantastic community of perinatal professionals via Facebook and the online learning platform.

You will also benefit from access to monthly supervision after you have completed your online training and mentorship.

Step 1 - review the online content

7 online modules that share  knowledge about effective communication, birth advocacy, physiological birth, the maternity system, supporting feeding and bonding, perinatal mental health, energetics and matrescence.

Learn at you own pace and time online with a mix of video, image and text.

All TBR Doulas have lifetime access to the online resources which support learning and development as experience grows.

On enrolling students receive a welcome pack that give access to the online portal.

Step 2 - attend the live training days over Zoom

There are two live practice days that focus on:

  • Effective communication and rapport building
  • Energy healing for birth work

These happen on a rolling basis throughout the year on the first Wednesday every month (October - June)

Timings 10am - 4pm


Step 3 - complete the assignments

Each module has an assignment that tests your understanding of the content, gets you to practice an aspect of it or helps you to establish your doula business.

On completion of the assignments and all the online content you will be able to be listed on the website directory for parents seeking a doula.

Step 4 - attend the monthly mentorship calls

These happen online over Zoom once on the last Thursday of each month 1pm - 3pm.

They give doulas the opportunity to discuss what they have learnt, ask questions, seek guidance on setting up a doula business and recap the topic from the online content.

The live mentoring sessions are intended to support training doulas as they establish their business and work with their first clients.

Live calls are recorded if you can't make them.



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  • Includes lifetime access to online resources and materials
  • Live monthly mentoring sessions



Pay in instalments

£400 x 3

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  • Includes lifetime access to online resources and materials
  • Live monthly mentoring sessions



What do parents who have worked with Mel say?

I honestly can't recommend Mel enough. Her support throughout my pregnancy was fundamental, and her presence on the day of my baby's birth made all the difference. I had a quick, healthy and peaceful birth, just like I planned and dreamed of with Mel during our prenatal appointments. After my baby was born, Mel's guidance with breastfeeding was LIFE SAVING. If it wasn't for Mel, breastfeeding would've not been a reality to me. Her support, knowledge and guidance is amazing and made ALL the difference in my journey. 

Paula Arrias Weiller

I learned so much, had a much more positive experience than first time round and I am now taking those newly learned skills forward into my parenting and other areas of my life. If you are 'ummimg' and 'ahhing' about whether a doula is for you or not then don’t hesitate - it’s worth it! Thank you to Mel for the Three Step Rewind birth trauma sessions - if you think ‘just being teary‘ about a past experience isn’t enough to warrant these sessions then think again and let yourself learn to remember your experience in a different way.  

Elly Kornas

Mel was my doula for the birth of my son who came just over 3 weeks early. She was fantastic in the delivery room working with the midwife to prevent early intervention, voice my requests and support me through the birth. I managed to hold off the gas and air until 8cm because Mel’s hip and lower back massages during contractions were so effective. Mel’s food parcels were just what I needed when I got home and Claire’s lactation assessment and advice helped get us started on what has been very trouble-free breastfeeding since. I highly recommend this service and support as a first time expectant mother.


I’m so glad we found Mel! I knew I wanted to have a doula and from the first zoom conversation (it was during the lockdowns) I felt that she was the right fit for us. I was very anxious and knowing she was there to talk to and guide us through made a huge difference. There is so much info online that is can become really overwhelming and having Mel meant one clear voice we could trust. She supported us postnatally too and even though I thought the run up to giving brith would be where I needed her most, it turned out that the postnatal period was where we were most grateful to have her. Invaluable support from someone who really understands. 

Victoria Troth

Course content includes:

Why did I create this course?

My name is Melody Robinson, and I'm the creator and facilitator of this incredible TBR Doula training.

I created this robust and comprehensive training based on current researched evidence because I know from my own 20 years experience as a doula that there is a real need to thoroughly prepare trainee doulas for the current medicalised maternity system.

Traditional doula training does not consider the impact of our modern world on the whole health of birthing parents and families.

Following on from my own training, I searched for a curriculum that encompassed the challenges we are presently facing & came up short. 

Having an Adult Learning qualification & extensive training & experience as a Birth & Postnatal Practitioner, I felt compelled to put a comprehensive course together that took into consideration the collective trauma we are currently facing. 

I strongly believe that it’s vital that birth workers & postnatal practitioners have robust training based on current evidence, that is  recognised & fully accredited.

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