Understanding Perinatal Anxiety 

How to build emotional resilience in ourselves and others

Online Course. Opens for enrolment April 2021

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Anxiety is an incredibly common mental health issue


So common in fact that we can be dismissive of the severity of distress that it can cause.

Anxiety can be insidious. It can trick us into thinking that something is terribly wrong when it is not. It tells us not to trust ourselves or others. It tells us to stay small.

This is hugely problematic for parents and birth professionals who are experiencing anxiety because both roles involve caring for others. 

Anxiety creates a fear which prevents us from connecting, engaging and being truly present.

These are qualities that are all required for successful human relationships to develop.

When we can recognise and acknowledge anxiety we have the opportunity to learn from it, lean into it, and grow from it....

Instead of running away from the thoughts and feelings that are driving anxiety we can face them courageously.

We can use anxiety as a contrary compass to show us where we need to go.

About this course


Who is this course for: HCP and birth professionals who work with parents who are experiencing anxiety.


Aims & Objectives: To understand the nuances of PNA and how they differ from anxiety at other life stages. To provide the knowledge and skill to identify Perinatal anxiety and to work with parents to share practices that can neutralise anxiety and enable balance and calm.

This course is only currently available online.


How long is the online course? 12 hours


How much does it cost? £497


Understanding Perinatal Anxiety next enrols April 2021.


What is covered:

💫  Understanding what barriers there are to good emotional health in the perinatal context.

💫  Looking at the mind body connection and understanding the autonomic nervous system

💫  Understanding the cost to physical health that comes with PNA

💫  What are the nuances of Perinatal Anxiety that are different to other life stages

💫  How to support a person’s natural desire to feel differently

💫  Learning the therapeutic essential skills of basic of trust, rapport and unconditional regard

💫  Learning the cycle of belief, feeling, behaviour and breaking negative patterns

💫  Acquiring, practicing and sharing the anxiety tool kit: meditation, journaling, gratitudes, affirmations and relaxation

💫  Setting up and promoting a group service to parents wishing to work on their anxiety

💫  Includes a 3 stage assessment process that includes case study


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Students who have completed courses with us say:


‘Informative, Comprehensive, Great mix of theory & practice options.’ Louise Macpherson


‘This is a fabulous course; I thoroughly enjoyed the videos and coursework. I felt so confident after completing the course and Alex really helped guide me through the process.’ Jade Gordon


‘What an excellent course. Validating all that I thought was correct and supporting the idea that any listening or debrief service is so valuable to women and professionals. There are so many lessons to be learnt not only from the course but in the way we listen to women and their families about how they have been traumatised (often by the very actions of the people supposed to be caring or advocating for them).’ Sarah Kelly Midwife

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