Understanding & Supporting Perinatal Depression

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Post natal depression can effect anywhere between 10% and 30% of parents* in the first year of their baby's life.

25% of new mothers were still experiencing depressive symptoms a year after their baby’s birth.**


Most women do not seek support for their depressive symptoms.

* There is a great deal of variance in numbers quoted depending on what study or survey is used.

RC Psych say between 10-15% of women are impacted

Charity 4Children put the figure at 3 in 10 women experiencing depressive symptoms in the first year of the baby’s life. ** https://www.basw.co.uk

Many women suffer in silence....

...... some fear that they will be harshly judged or punished by HCP and that there could be negative consequences for asking for help such as their child being taken into care.

Many women are silenced by their own judgement and shame about the thoughts and feelings that are driving their depressive symptoms.

Some parents are scared of what acknowledging their thoughts and feelings might mean and so they deny that there is a problem.

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Who is this course for: HCP and birth professionals who work with parents who are experiencing low mood or symptoms of depression.


Aims & Objectives: To learn clear, simple techniques and therapeutic tools and process that when applied can support a person’s recovery from depression. To gain a thorough understanding of what drive symptoms of depression, looking at the causes rather than risk factors. 


How long is the online course? 16 hours, however 3 assessments and participation in supervision is also required.


TBR Understanding & Supporting PND Online courses enrols once a year in January

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Cost? £297 including supported assessment process, supervision, closed community of students and practitioners. 

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What is covered:

✔️  Understanding the research and statistics around PND

✔️  Distinguishing PND symptoms from the  events, environment, thoughts and feelings that can cause symptoms.

✔️  Understanding the different therapeutic interventions currently recommended

✔️  Teaching mindfulness and self compassion as tools for mental health and wellness

✔️  Applying a solution focused approach

✔️  Understanding the role of perinatal trauma and PND

✔️  Follow a real video case study that showcases each skill, tool and process

✔️  Includes a 3 stage assessment process that includes case study

"I have completed many forms of therapy training and I felt with Alex the value was very high. Ongoing support and supervision is excellent and Alex is a person who humbly learns from everyone else when lessons and experiences present the opportunity. She has created a community"

Jillian Ireland


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