Are you tired of seeing parents emotional health and wellbeing come last?

Do you want to be that professional who has the skills, knowledge and framework to make a tangible difference to parents struggling with trauma, depression and anxiety?

Perhaps you have witnessed parents battle depression, anxiety and trauma and struggle through the early years of parenthood alone too often.


Have you seen the damage that is caused to relationships, confidence and sense of self when parents are battling these issues?


Maybe you have been there yourself and understand how difficult it is to care of others when our own mental health has taken a hit.


Do you feel frustrated at the complete and utter lack of resource available to the majority of parents who find themselves surviving their parenting experience?


 Do you appreciate the short sightedness of undervaluing the emotional and mental health of parents in this way? 

The truth is, more than ever before, parents are experiencing trauma, depression and anxiety as part of their perinatal experience.

💫  our increased awareness of emotional and mental health disorders is beginning to start a conversation about these issues that was previously taboo.

💫  more parents are actively seeking a solution to their difficulties.

💫  more parents and professionals are becoming frustrated with the lack of resources available to them.

💫  becoming a parent presents a range of challenges to emotional health and wellbeing but with the right support it can be a time of huge growth and potential. 

But what if you could be part of the solution?

  • Imagine having the skills, techniques, and therapeutic framework to support parents emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Imagine providing a holistic service to parents that encompasses their perinatal journey from fertility, pregnancy, birth and beyond.
  • Imagine being that professional who is able to make a tangible to how parents feel.
  • Imagine being able to provide continuity of care for parents perinatal emotional wellbeing.

TBR Certificate in Perinatal Emotional Health & Wellbeing

  • An 18 month long course of in person and online study
  • Over 200 hours of study
  • 10 modules
  • Monthly small group tutorials
  • Ongoing assessments with each module
  • 4 in person study days delivered on Zoom
  • Includes live training for TBR 3 Step Rewind, Supporting Perinatal Anxiety and Supporting Miscarriage and Baby Loss courses.
  • Accredited by the OCN, a Ofqual regulated educational body

You are in the right place if.....

you already have a perinatal or birth business

but want to offer more to support your client's emotional health & wellbeing whilst growing your existing business.

you are a midwife or HCP

but are dissatisfied with the limitations of the service you are able to currently provide and want to begin a private practice that utilises your years of valuable experience whilst allowing you to provide a holistic service.


you are already a therapist

but want to specialise in perinatal emotional health & wellbeing and are looking for practical skills and tools that will compliment your existing service.

The aims and objectives of this  certification course starting in September 2022 are to:

💫  Provide thorough training to birth professionals, pre & postnatal specialists and HCPs in the necessary therapeutic framework, skills, knowledge, techniques and practice to adequately, safely and confidently support parents on a range of issues that might be impacting parents emotional wellbeing.

💫  Month by month covering a different aspects of perinatal mental health 

💫  Provide in person practice of skills and techniques

💫  Provide continuous assessment of the skills

💫  Provide guidance in establishing a successful perinatal emotional health & wellbeing practice that can also compliment existing doula, antenatal, birth or postnatal services.

💫  Provide small group tutorial session every month to ensure theoretical and practical elements of the course have been thoroughly learnt and understood 

💫  This certificate course in Perinatal Emotional Health & Wellbeing will be quality endorsed by the Awarding Organisation, Open College Network West Midlands, who is regulated by Ofqual.

✔️ 4 in person study days via Zoom


✔️  Monthly small group tuition on each module


✔️ Monthly supervision on Zoom


✔️ On going assessments with each module


The entire certificate course is comprised of 10 modules, representing 200 hours of learning, delivered over 18 months:

Are you ready to finally commit?

Are you ready to up skill and retrain to provide brief therapeutic interventions for parents looking for support with their perinatal emotional health?

This course can give you the knowledge, skill and framework to safely and effectively support parents.

Are you ready to become a Practitioner in Perinatal Emotional Health & Wellness?

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12 x £550 inc VAT


  • 1st payment due due now + 11 monthly payments of £550
  • Total repayable £6600 inc VAT or £5500 (overseas students, Non UK residents)

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  • Secure your place with this first year cohort of students
  • Unbelievable value for the content, support and unique practical nature of this course.

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  • Total repayable £6600 inc VAT or £5500 (overseas students, Non UK residents)

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Course starting in September 2022

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Jane Allen


Jane has spent the extra time lockdown has given her to go through the TBR courses, here is what she has to say:

'I had the privilege of training in TBR 3-step Rewind with Alex 4 years ago. Having trained as a hypnobirthing teacher the year before it seemed like a natural fit.


Rewind has been totally transformative in my life and is where I feel my life’s true calling - to work with not only mums & partners but also midwives who may have been traumatised by a birth that they have been involved in.

The difference that is achievable in the relief of the symptoms of a traumatic birth experience in such a short intervention is incredible.

I have spent shielding/lockdown completing the other courses that Alex is now offering and they have widened and broaden the depth in the areas of baby loss, perinatal anxiety and depression. I can’t wait for further courses to offer support to more women.'

Lorraine Lorenzo


'I have absolutely loved doing the TBR 3-Step Rewind. The whole course is laid out in a very comprehensive manner. What's more, anytime I've needed any assistance, Alex has been at the end of an email ready to help and give sound advice. I would highly recommend training with Alex and am already looking at which of her courses I would like to sign up for next.' 

Tara Whelen

Resilient Emotions

'I have completed all of Alex's classes so far.
Learning with Traumatic Birth Recovery fits into my family life so well .
I can study in the evenings after work with live evening online classes.
Alex is always so supportive as are all her tutors in the supervision classes.
Everything is so comprehensive and simplified with easy lifelong access which I find great for dipping in and out of.
I totally can vouch for Traumatic Birth Recovery and all its modules plus Alex's authentic supportive teaching.' 

Johanna Armnius


I cannot emphasize enough the quality of the courses offered by Traumatic Birth Recovery. I like each and every one of them. They have given me concrete assets, which have greatly enriched my practice. I really enjoy practicing TBR-3 steps rewind and witnessing the effectiveness in the lives of the mothers I work with. This work contributes to the emergence of a new paradigm in families well-being and mental health. I also appreciate the community of students and practitioners that we train and the exemplary availability of Alexandra to support us in this work. Grateful to be part of it!

Who am i? 


My Name is Alex Heath, I am Course Director at the College of Perinatal Emotional Health Practitioners, the creator and founder of the website: and author of the book: Recovering from a traumatic birth; a practical guide.

I am also a parent, Clinical Hypnotherapist and still occasionally, a birth doula. 

Since 2016 I have been training HCPs, birth professionals and pre & postnatal specialists in the therapeutic skills and techniques that can provide a brief intervention to parents struggling to cope after a traumatic perinatal event.

My mission is to put perinatal mental health on the map. For society to realise that good parenting begins with robust, resilient mental and emotional health.

Pregnancy, birth and parenthood are not merely physical events to be endured but a spiritual and emotional transition into a new territory. Far too many parents survive the journey when in fact they could be thriving.

Over 350 have joined this quiet revolution in perinatal mental so far, will you join us too?

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Are you ready to join this quiet revolution perinatal mental health? 

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