TBR Understanding & Supporting Perinatal Anxiety online course


Also includes the option to attend 2 day live training via Zoom

2 courses in 1: Online course & In Person Training

Anxiety is an incredibly common perinatal health issue.

So common in fact that professionals can sometimes be dismissive of the severity of distress that it can cause parents.

Anxiety can be insidious. It can trick sufferers into thinking that something is terribly wrong when it is not. It tells us not to trust ourselves or others. It tells us to stay alone and isolate.

Anxiety creates a fear which prevents us from connecting, engaging and being truly present.

This is hugely problematic for parents and birth professionals who are experiencing anxiety because both roles involve caring for others. 

When we can recognise and acknowledge anxiety we have the opportunity to learn from it, lean into it, and grow from it....

  • Instead of running away from the thoughts and feelings that are driving anxiety we can face them courageously.
  • We can use anxiety as a contrary compass to show us where we need to go.

‘Without a doubt, this [Understanding & Supporting Perinatal Anxiety] and TBR 3 Step Rewind are the most useful and transformative courses that I have undertaken for perinatal mental health support. I use these techniques all the time and have established a managing anxiety workshop for pregnant women to be able to help more people as I haven't got the time to see everyone individually that needs this kind of support. The feedback I have had from women has been unilaterally positive and so valued by them!’

Michelle, Perinatal Mental Health Midwife

Is this course for you?

Who is this course for: HCP and birth professionals who support parents who are experiencing anxiety perinatally.

Aims & Objectives: To understand the nuances of PNA and how they differ from anxiety at other life stages. To provide the knowledge and skill to identify perinatal anxiety and to work with parents to share practices that can manage anxiety, improve relationship to the self and therefore others and teach practical skills that enable balance and cal

How much does it cost? £497

How the course is structured:

💫  Understanding what barriers there are to good emotional health in the perinatal context.

💫  Looking at the mind body connection and understanding the autonomic nervous system

💫  Understanding the cost to physical health that comes with PNA

💫  What are the nuances of Perinatal Anxiety that are different to other life stages

💫  How to support a person’s natural desire to feel differently

💫  Learning the  essential basic skills of  trust, rapport and unconditional regard

💫  Learning the cycle of belief, feeling, behaviour and breaking negative patterns

💫  Acquiring, practicing and sharing the anxiety tool kit: meditation, journaling, gratitudes, affirmations and relaxation

💫  Setting up and promoting a group service to parents wishing to work on their anxiety

💫  Includes a 3 stage assessment process that includes case study


On successful completion of this online course and completion of its assessments students can become recognised TBR practitioners and work with parents who wish to be free of trauma symptoms.

This recognised Practitioner status means that these professionals can be listed on the Find a Practitioner page, access 1-2-1 supervision and refer to themselves as TBR Practitioners.

Live training via Zoom

Tuesday 12th & Wednesday 13th March 2024

9.30am - 4.30pm GMT

One Low Payment


Live training 12th & 13th March 2024

  • Includes lifetime access to the online course
  • Includes opportunity to practice live on our March study days
  • Mentored assessment process including case study work
  • Opportunity to be listed on the website directory on completion of the 4 part assessment

Payment Plan

£95 x 6

Live training 12th & 13th March 2024

  • Includes lifetime access to the online course
  • Includes opportunity to practice live on our March study days
  • Mentored assessment process including case study work
  • Opportunity to be listed on the website directory on completion of the 4 part assessment

Listen to hear how Michelle created a 'Managing Anxiety' workshop for parents using her maternity service.


Unique dual (online and live in person) training ensures accountability (this won't be another online course that never gets finished), incredible value and successful learning.

The online course includes all resources to practice, video case studies, video demonstrations of each technique in practice, webinar content that is the same as the live content.

Lifetime access means that learning and development of skills is always available.

Free web directory listing


website is a resource for parents experiencing trauma and wanting to know more about the symptoms that they maybe experiencing. The directory page offers parents the opportunity to search for a birth professional who offers support with perinatal anxiety. Listing is currently free when students have successfully completed all 4 of the required assessments.

Benefit from monthly supervision for just £10 per session

Small group supervision is available for all students and practitioners with Traumatic Birth Recovery.

These online sessions are held twice a month with experienced supervisors and aim to support safe, reflective practice and continued learning and development.

Join the Traumatic Birth Recovery community

Join a supportive and inspiring community of over 500 birth professionals globally who have all learnt the skills and techniques that can support the transformation from surviving and thriving for traumatised parents.

This is a closed group offering a safe and contained space to ask questions, receive support and inspiration.

Key benefits from this course

TBR 3 Step Rewind Practitioners

✔️  are providing accessible, safe and gentle therapeutic intervention to parents who need it most

✔️  are able to offer TBR 3 Step Rewind alongside their other practices

✔️  are able to witness the incredible transformation that is possible with TBR 3 Step Rewind

✔️  are providing a vital support service to their communities that can prevent more serious mental health problems occurring.

"'I have completed all of Alex's classes so far.
Learning with Traumatic Birth Recovery fits into my family life so well .
I can study in the evenings after work with live evening online classes.
Alex is always so supportive as are all her tutors in the supervision classes.
Everything is so comprehensive and simplified with easy lifelong access which I find great for dipping in and out of.
I totally can vouch for Traumatic Birth Recovery and all its modules plus Alex's authentic supportive teaching.' "

Tara Whelen

Resilient Emotions


'I find anxiety one of the more complex and tricky conditions to support people through but having the guidance of this course has made it so much easier. Understanding what anxiety actually is really helps parents to consider what is going on in their body and mind and how it can be quietened down.

Being able to use the practical methods included in this course to support expectant and new parents has been revolutionary to my services and I feel so much more confident to recognise the signs that someone may be experiencing anxiety.'

Hannah Gerken

Midwife and Owner of Reframing Birth