Baby Loss Awareness Week 2022

#babyloss #blaw #blaw22 #pregnancyloss Oct 09, 2022

Today is the first day of Baby Loss Awareness Week 2022.

This event has been running for 20 years now and has sought not just to bring awareness to the tragic issue of baby loss but also to increase awareness about the importance of acknowledging that traumatic event when it happens.

Today more professionals are realising the continued difficultly that bereaved parents face as the well-wishers disappear, the anxiety continues to rise and they try to cope with the re-triggering nature of future pregnancies.

Sadly, so often people do not know what to say or how to acknowledge baby loss when it does happen but we know it means so much to parents when their loss and grief is compassionately and sensitively acknowledged.

Conversely to not be acknowledged at all can really compound parents’ grief and upset.

 As can careless and insensitive words.

The Sonographer who says, ‘I’m sorry it wasn’t meant to be this time’ when there is no detection of heartbeat.

The Obstetrician who mentions the ‘Removal of the products of conception’ when talking about a D&C after a miscarriage.

It seems such a simple thing to say:

“I heard your baby died, I am so sorry to hear that happened. It must be really tough right now, is there anything I can do to help?’

Parents who have lost a baby often explain how much it means to them to have the opportunity to talk about their baby, to remember them and talk about them with fondness. These memories are precious moments that are an important part of grieving and remembrance.

Baby loss will always be traumatic and sometimes that trauma can leave parents experiencing high levels of anxiety and panic. 

The BLAW ‘Out of Sight’ report from 2019 found that 60% of bereaved parents felt they needed specialist psychological support for their mental health, but were not able to access it on the NHS.

Baby loss is often viewed as one of the worst traumas that someone can endure yet there is no national pathway available for parents experiencing baby or pregnancy loss.

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  • Video case study - Leila's story

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