4 Reasons the world needs more doulas right now.

Sep 13, 2023

There has never been a greater need for more doulas than now. In fact market experts predict that the doula and birth coaching market will grow by 6.2% in the US next year and it will double in the next 10 years.

  1. Traditional, woman centred midwifery, that supports parents birth choices and prioritises women’s long term health continues to be undermined and eroded across the Western world. What remains is an obstetric nursing model that often leaves parents wanting additional support navigating an increasingly medical maternity system. Doulas do not replace midwives. But the shortage of woman centred midwifery care has left parents seeking compassionate care and support elsewhere with doulas. 
  2. The demand for doulas continues to grow year on year. According to Doula UK demand for birth doulas grew by 25.7% between 2020 and 2021. Demand for postnatal support doulas was even greater at with an increase of 110% for the same years.
  3. The way parents birth their babies and are cared for afterwards has a huge impact on their emotional and mental health afterwards; sometimes for a very long time. We never forget our births and those who were there to support us as we found our way through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Being a doula is one of the most meaningful services provided to society. 
  4. A recent scoping review of 16 different studies into doulas found that they had an overwhelmingly positive impact on parents experience of birth. Collectively these studies reported that parents supported by doulas resulted in; reduced incidence of C-section, reduced incidence of preterm birth, reduced incidence of low birth weight babies, reduced epidural use and medical pain management, reduced length of labour, reduced incidence of induction, reduced infant mortality rates, reduced rates of anxiety, depression, and postpartum PTSD, improved mental health status, improved breastfeeding success.

If you have had the ‘itch’ to support parents during this important and formative life stage then go for it NOW because the world has never needed more doulas than now. 

And we are here to support you and walk alongside you as you develop your doula service.

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